Hello fellow ARH SW:Destiny players, Echo3 here, lead designer on the upcoming ARH expansion, Resurgence. Today we’ll be sharing an overview of what to expect from Resurgence, as well as explore a few new cards and themes within the set. What…

Mos Eisley Gazette: Looking Back & Ahead

Which Display of Power card has offered the most creativity and joy?  Who is Obi’s best partner? And how would you configure the Echoes of Destiny list as we approach rotation for Faltering Allegiances?

With a new set right around the corner, we’re sitting down with a group of players from across the globe to look back at Display of Power and look ahead to Resurgence…

Mos Eisley Gazette: Laundromat Prime (Swindon)

March has been a great month for in-person Destiny with Prime events on two continents!

The Swindon event included all the upsides of IRL Destiny: casual games around the edges, tall tales from past competitions, speculation about ARH7, vigorous debate on whether the crumpet exists (in disguise) in the States, and even speculation about why so many beautiful people were queuing outside the Old Town Launderette.