ARH Standard Holocron Update – Effective August 29th, 2023

Greeting Destiny Players! With the Resurgence Online Championship coming up soon, we are now announcing a new holocron update that will impact the meta. There are not many changes, but as you know, size matters not.


This article will discuss the changes and our rationale behind them.

Restricted Pairings

The Son and Path to Mastery are now a restricted pair. The Son has been one of the most powerful characters in the meta for a while now, as exemplified by LiquidSnake’s recent win at gencon with a Son/Qi’ra deck. We felt that the ability of Path to Mastery to enable The Son to get his third die quicker was too powerful. We hope this will bring down the power level of the most powerful Son decks, while still allowing him to shine alongside his thematic partner: The Daughter.


Nothing new is getting an errata in this holocron, but something is losing one. Din Djarin, the Mandalorian has now been restored to his original text. If you’ve been playing in the ARH Monthly League for the past couple months, you’re no stranger to this. We’ve felt for a while that Mando deserves another chance in the spotlight, and after testing in the league, we determined that this errata was a non-game breaking way of giving him a little buff.

Echoes of Destiny Reprint List Update

The following changes also closely resemble a set of changes tested in the league. The following cards have been added to the Echoes of Destiny Reprint List: Valorous Tribe, Fortitude, Kashyyyk Warrior, and AT-RT. Those that played in the league may notice the absence of Cargo Hold from this list. We ultimately decided against making that card permanent after careful thought.

The wookie support is intended to breath some life back into a fan favorite archetype that has notably been missing from competitive, and casual, play for a while. Bringing back some of its greatest hits will hopefully allow fans of the hairy beasts to have some fun. AT-RT was brought back as a buff to trooper decks, which have not seen the play we had hoped for them to see in the Resurgence meta.

A Note on The League

Before fully implementing this holocron, we tested some of the changes in the ARH monthly league. This allowed for us to see if anyone could come up with something broken, or if they changed the meta too drastically. Notably, we did not test the change to The Son in the league, just the reprint list changes and the errata to Din. We still want the league to represent the true competitive meta, as we also do internal testing for all of these changes. However, with changes we believe to be small impacts, the league has proven to be a good testing ground and we may continue to use it as such. However, we are still committed to making the league a truly competitive environment, and not a testing ground.

Get Excited!

A Renewed Hope is excited to be hosting an Online Championship event on Saturday 9th September, 2023 on Tabletop Simulator (TTS)!

ARH will host one Online Championship event per set release (replacing our mid-cycle events). These events are designed for our online players to compete in a highly competitive atmosphere to be crowned The Online Championship Champion for that set!


When: 9th September 2023, 10am US CDT / 11am US EST / 4pm UK time
Cost: $8.00 USD
Host: Echo3ofclubs
Format: ARH Standard – Swiss with top cut (number of rounds depending on participant numbers)

More details and signup information is available at this link

You can also sign up for the September league for FREE at this link

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