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The vast majority of our card art has been procured from official, canon, source material as a way to impart the “feel” of Star Wars into the game we all know and love so dearly.

In a few instances, we have been absolutely blessed by the generosity of artists who have allowed us to use their work in a limited fashion on the fan made cards we produce. If you would like to donate art for a current or future card feel free to reach out.

This is an entirely non-profit enterprise in the purest sense of the word. We have no revenue, and as such we have no ability to pay the artists what they deserve. “Exposure” doesn’t put food on the table, but if you are in the market for art, or seeking out someone to commission a piece for you, we want to encourage you to seek out the artists below. And if not, then a like or follow or other method of signal boosting for these artists would certainly be appreciated.

Presented below in alphabetical order are the talented artists who have donated their work to A Renewed Hope.

Artist Spotlight

Claudia Gironi

Card: Galen Erso (FA#41)
Link to full piece:
Artstation Account:


Cards: Darth Zanna (RDM#1), Tenth Brother (RDM#5), Burryaga Agaburry (RDM#36), Wasaka Berry Plant (RDM#60), Dash Rendar (RDM#64), Doctor Aphra (RDM#87), Darth Momin (HS#2A), Mask of Momin (HS#2B), Why Take the Chance (HS#7), Guardian of the Whills (HS#40), Roll In the Mud (HS#57), Death Watch Mandalorian (UH#32), Patient Padawan (UH#48), Sentinel Lightsaber (UH#58)
Meet the artist: Watch the On the Sensors interview with CosmicNewt HERE.

James Daly

Card: Merrin (FA#63)
Link to full piece:
Artstation Account:

Naomie Fontaine

Card: Stinger Mantis (FA#58)
Link to full piece:
Artstation Account:

Nicole Tammert

Card: Cal Kestis (FA#31)
Link to full piece:
Artstation Account:

Oli Cole (Echo3ofclubs)

Card: Ren (UH#4), Deep Meditation (UH#51)


Cards: General Veers (RDM#13), Admiral Ackbar (RDM#49), Moff Gideon (HS#15), Path Engine (HS#37), Ki-Adi-Mundi (HS#41), Din Djarin (HS#63), Bossk (UH#31), EE-3 Carbine Rifle (UH#114)

Cards: Nightsister Acolyte (UH#3)

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