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The ARH Monthly League is completely free to sign up and play.

Over the course of one month, play 6 to 8 games depending on league size. Find opponents by posting in the designated league channel. Players decide amongst themselves if they want a best of 3 or best of 1 match. Get bonus points for playing each week, as well as not re-using the same character in any of your games!

The league admin tracks player rankings and standings each month. The best of the best are selected for a top-cut each month.

NEW in 2024, players will also earn ARH prize tickets for their participation and performance each month, putting some of those gorgeous spot gloss cards (see HERE for refresher on using prize tickets) within reach sooner than ever before. Players earn prize tickets as follows:

  • 2 points for finishing the month with minimum # of games
  • 3 points for making the monthly top cut
  • 6 points for the monthly runner-up
  • 12 points for the monthly champion

Sign Up Now!

Sign up now to learn more and be added to the designated league channel in the ARH Discord. See you at the tables!

ARH Monthly League Sign Up

ARH Monthly League Sign Up

This form is for players who wish to sign up for the ARH Monthly League.

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