ARH OP: 2023 Renewed Prime Championships!

Hello Star Wars Destiny Players! Sarah here to bring you some more exciting Organised Play news (you know it’s one of the Brits when the correct spelling of Organised is used 😝).

Building on a very successful 2022 for in-person play across the globe we have exciting plans for 2023. We kick things off by announcing the return of the Renewed Prime Championships!


Featuring the most powerful family of Force wielders from Mortis, here are the exclusive prizes you can win by attending a 2023 Renewed Prime Championship.

Participation / Top 16

Participants will receive The Son / The Daughter (double sided) participation promotion paper card.

Top 4

Make the Top 4 and you’ll earn yourself a Spot Gloss Plastic The Son / The Daughter promo card (double sided).


Take down the competition and you’ll go home with a very exclusive Spot Gloss Plastic The Father Plot promo card, and of course the glory!

Running a Renewed Prime Event – FAQs

What’s the criteria to be able to host a Renewed Prime 2023 event?

The 2022 Renewed Prime Championship season revealed the most successful Renewed Prime events were those built around an existing community. Therefore we ask to see evidence of an existing playgroup in the approximate area via photographs or previous event page(s). Please only apply if you are confident you will have good community interest in attending your Renewed Prime event.

If you are just starting out with building a Destiny community we’d recommend you apply for a Local Play Kit instead. This will help with building a local community and gage interest in running a more premium event.

How can you apply to host a Renewed Prime 2023 event?

Applications to host an ARH Renewed Prime are now open and you can apply below👇.
If approved one of the ARH team will be in touch with further details on how to purchase a prize kit.

What’s the cost of a kit?

$45 which includes worldwide shipping. The kit and its cost has been reworked in comparison to 2022. This is to reduce the upfront cost required from the Tournament Organiser, therefore making it more accessible.

How many players does a kit support?

Each prize kit supports up to 16-players as standard with the option to purchase more participation cards if you’re expecting a higher turn out (please leave a comment in your application). Also included in the kit is an extra copy of the Double Sided Participation Paper Card and the Double Sided Top 4 Spot Gloss Card for the Tournament Organiser. Call it a thank you from ARH for running and organising the event!

When will the kits be available?

Prize kits will be ready to ship from March, therefore we suggest the earliest you should plan to run an event is April. Furthermore please allow a minimum of 6 weeks from when you apply to your proposed event date. This allows time for the application process, shipping the prize kits and event promotion.

You can run one of these event at anytime during 2023.

What event format can I use one of these kits for?

You must run an ARH Standard format event using the latest Holocron.

Any other guidance?

Renewed Primes are considered to be Premium events. ARH issues the guidance that proxies for FFG cards and dice should not be accepted, but we leave it to the Tournament Organisers discretion. ARH cards should be printed on card, or paper slipped in front of another card. All cards should be sleeved in opaque sleeves so that the back the cards are indistinguishable from each other. ARH dice should be stickered or printed directly on the dice to a good standard as to eliminate any board state confusion. 

Apply to host your 2023 Renewed Prime at the bottom of this page!👇

Where to play in a Renewed Prime Event

Once confirmed we’ll list the Renewed Prime events on our ARH Verified Events page. Expect announcements via our Discord and Facebook page as we add events to the list.

We can’t wait to see the community rolling dice in this upcoming 2023 season of the ARH Renewed Prime Championships!

Apply here!

Renewed Prime 2023 Application Form

Note: If you wish to send any photos to support your application please email them to

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