Mos Eisley Gazette: All Hail DJ the Hutt! (Resurgence Release)

How many shields can Yaddle generate in a day? Will Allya lead a witch resurgence? Are Dooku and Asajj really neutral? Why is Cassian afraid of Linus Mosk? And is it possible we’ve been underestimating Bib Fortuna all along?!?

Two weeks ago, players from around the globe gathered to answer these questions and to celebrate the release of Resurgence in a day-long tournament. Today, we catch up with Djclero who took down the coveted title.

Mos Eisley Gazette: UK Grand Championships

Last weekend, top players from across the UK (and Sweden!) gathered in Birmingham to compete for the UK Grand Championships. With the Resurgence set release just around the corner, the event represents both the last major competition of the Display of Power meta and a powerful demonstration of what makes in-person play so special. We have all the highlights here!


Hello fellow ARH SW:Destiny players, Echo3 here, lead designer on the upcoming ARH expansion, Resurgence. Today we’ll be sharing an overview of what to expect from Resurgence, as well as explore a few new cards and themes within the set. What…

Mos Eisley Gazette: Looking Back & Ahead

Which Display of Power card has offered the most creativity and joy?  Who is Obi’s best partner? And how would you configure the Echoes of Destiny list as we approach rotation for Faltering Allegiances?

With a new set right around the corner, we’re sitting down with a group of players from across the globe to look back at Display of Power and look ahead to Resurgence…