Galactic Open: Ferrix Open

A Renewed Hope is excited to be hosting our sixth Galactic Open series – the Ferrix Open on 2nd and 3rd December, 2023 on Tabletop Simulator (TTS)!

All 3 heats come complimentary with a spot gloss for participation, and a chance to earn more spot glosses just by playing games.

The tournament will be run from our Discord server.

Sign up details

Heat 1: 2nd December, 7am US ET / 12 noon UK time BST / 11pm Sydney
Participants receive a Crosshair spot gloss card
Hosted by: Majobasil
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Heat 2: 2nd December, 3pm US ET / 8pm UK time BST / 7am Sydney (3rd Dec for Sydney)
Participants receive a Cassian Andor spot gloss card
Hosted by: Casero
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Heat 3: 3rd December, 12noon US ET / 5pm UK time BST / 4am Sydney (4th Dec for Sydney)
Participants receive a Yaddle spot gloss card
Hosted by: Rebel Traitor
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Sign up for all 3 Heats for a discounted price of $30!

Buy your bundle ticket for all three heats here!

Entry Fee

$15 per event, or play in all 3 heats for a discounted $30!

You may play in as many events as you wish. Please sign up and purchase your ticket using the above links. Please add a note to your ticket purchase with your Roll Better/Discord username to help us match up your payment correctly.

Earning Tickets

Each heat will consist of 6 rounds (Swiss format). Players will earn one participation ticket per match played, one ticket per win and two additional tickets per win above three.

Each game played (regardless of outcome): 1 ticket
1 win: 1 ticket
2 wins: 2 tickets
3 wins: 3 tickets
4 wins: 6 tickets
5 wins: 9 tickets
6 wins: 12 tickets

Note that tickets from wins are in addition to participation tickets. For example, going 6-0 in a GO will earn you 18 total tickets. 12 for your record, and 6 just for playing!

Redeeming Tickets

Ticket pricing:
12 Tickets – Characters
8 Tickets – Plots
6 Tickets – Battlefields

You can spend your tickets on the new spot glosses released for this event, or from our previous four Galactic Open events (subject to availability).

Follow the instructions HERE to redeem tickets.

Mailing Out Prizes

If you haven’t already, please register an account here:

Or, if you already have an account, please be sure your profile/address information is accurate here:

We will cross reference our website to ensure prizes are mailed to your correct address. NOTE – going forward, an account on the ARH website is required to receive prizes!

We look forward to rolling some virtual dice with you on 2nd and 3rd December, 2023!

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