Organized Play in 2022

Outlines for 2022

A lot has changed since the start of the pandemic. Quite frankly, everything has. In the past year, ARH was able to host 2 Galactic Opens, four sets have been released, and we have grown a community along the way. The Patreon has been revamped to include more rewards based on current giving, and likewise – the admin team has restructured to be the best it can. As we look to 2022, we want to outline some of the plans for the future.

Q1 2022

An eventful month has begun and a great way to kick off the new year. Kingwood Hobbies (Trey) has already sent out an e-mail regarding prizing for the UH Release. Please respond to that accordingly, or if you feel you did not receive correspondence in error please contact an ARH Team Member. Next, the Outer-Rim Open will take place on January 8th and 9th which also brings a new set of spot gloss prizes. The Galactic Opens are always a great way to learn from others and grow your friendships with those around you. As Plato once said, you can learn more about someone in an hour of play, than a lifetime of conversation.

Following the Outer-Rim Open, there are plans for two in-person events on January 22nd. Both events will follow the latest ARH Standard Holocron:

  • St. Louis, MO – “I Will Make It Legal” Regional hosted by Norman. This will take place at Miniature Market in St. Louis, MO. Please fill out this form to see full details and let the event coordinators know you are coming.
  • Lehi, Utah – ORFFME is hosting a unique ARH Standard Constructed event with 15 Minute swiss rounds with game turns being capped at just 30 seconds! Proxy cards and dice should not look different when viewed from the back of the card (sleeves handles this). Dice with a matching card should be clearly distinguishable with little to no effort. ORFME and his local all have professionally printed ARH cards but do allow amateur proxies.
    • Contact ORFFME to sign up
    • Discord: ORFFME#3866
    • Cell: 1-801-400-1289
    • E-mail:
    • Event starts at 9:00am local time (Utah)

Lastly, in January there will be a 2-player set coming from the ARH team. Current details can be found here.

The Sunday weekly tournaments will be held January 16th, and January 30th. They will continue to be free for the month of January. Look for further plans to come. January looks to be filled and we couldn’t be more excited to start off 2022.

Coming up on February 26th we have the Mid Cycle Event for Unlikely Heroes. This will include a top stamped prize and be the final TTS tournament held for Set 4.

On a side note, there are plans to release Set 5 soon in early Q2 2022. Further details will come at a later date.

The Man Who Sold The Worlds

This is probably why you came here. ARH is working on a plan for Worlds 2022. The previous, and current plan is to operate at GenCon between the dates of August 4th 2022 – August 7th 2022. Applications for events begin in January but are not approved until April/May. At best there will be 3 months between when GenCon approves our application and the date of Worlds. There are backup plans available, should this not be the best plan for SWD:ARH moving forward. Currently, the voice we have heard from the community is positive moving toward GenCon as an event.

In the meantime, we would like to open channels of communication with each of you. Please take into account cost (including GenCon registration which will be roughly $65 per day), dates, and lead time for the event to be confirmed. Please reach out to us HERE or in Discord. We are excited to move forward with this, and look forward to serving the community which has been so gracious to us.


  • GOs January 8th and 9th on TTS
  • Look for news on the 2 Player Set in January
  • Look for news on organized play regarding all regions
  • GenCon news may not be finalized until May. Please chat with us regarding how this affects you.
  • Mid-Cycle Event February 26th on TTS

Admin of OP – The86. Chat with him here:

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