Mos Eisley Gazette: International Men of Destiny

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to play a game of Destiny? If your answer is “fly across the Atlantic and camp out in a remote house in rural Hudson Valley” you’re in good company with UK Destiny-eers Echo3ofClubs, LandoWonka, RogueFive, and Duncan.

As the first chapter of our Silver Sun Prime Weekend coverage, we’re sitting down with the globetrotters to hear about their experience in ‘merica.

Flying across the pond for a long weekend is a big deal. Walk us through your decision… was there a moment that nudged you into the “committed” column?

Echo3ofClubs: The year Covid hit I had a planned visit to America, so that was unfortunately cancelled and I’ve always wanted to visit the States. When Lando asked me if we should go, I had no doubt that it was the right thing to do. Then when Casero came forward with a logistics plan it became a no brainer, a chance to hang out with some Destiny family for an entire weekend? Count me in.

LandoWonka: I think I was the instigator. I wanted to come and meet as many of the US crew as I could at Gen Con but that wasn’t possible. Silver Sun Games has been doing great working in keeping Destiny alive in their community and with a few people I wanted to meet (looking at you Tank and Patrick) also a part of that, it was an easy alternative choice.

RogueFive managed to pack 19 bazillion packs into his hand-luggage so we could draft at casa casero

RogueFive: After getting to know Casero when he bunked in with me last minute for the Laundromat Prime in Swindon, I decided that it would be great to do a return trip to meet as many of the US Destiny contingent as possible. When I heard that a trip was planned for Silver Sun Games, I wanted to be a part of the traveling British Contingent. Due to me selling up and moving house, it wasn’t until the week before that I was a definite, so I guess I was very late to commit.

Duncan: Any reason to visit a cool place, especially NY. I was pretty much intent on going before GenCon, but meeting everyone there and seeing how welcoming, friendly and lovely everyone is solidified it. Finding out from Echo3 he and Lando were also going made it obvious it was going to be a big deal. I also owed 2 things to people from GenCon: a meal to Patrick and a beatdown to Darteo. I still owe one of those things. (editor’s note: if you want to know which one or if you need a good laugh, watch THIS)

The community already has some other events on the calendar (Toronto Prime this weekend, Mid-Rim Separatists in Wisconsin in November). Any tips for others considering a future trip?

RogueFive: If you are considering it, do it! The people are why we play Destiny. The more people you can meet in person, the better. I was introduced to a whole host of people I have played online and plenty more that play locally at Silver Sun Games. The Airbnb meant that I got to hang out with a lot of those people outside of just the tournament at the store where, let’s face it, chatting and getting to know people can be challenging in between 10 rounds of Destiny.

LandoWonka: I think the Airbnb was the biggest plus for us. It made a small community for the weekend and let you get to know the people a little more than just going to the event. If something along those lines can be arranged with someone you know is going or the event host themselves then it’s well worth it. I would also book off more days of work than you first think after the event to recover.

Lorcana Draft at Airbnb!

Duncan: Like Lando says, do it in an Airbnb. The cost will come down to incredibly affordable, and the party never stops. Also, and I mean this sincerely – if you are on the fence down to shyness or anxiety or anything, just make the jump and do it. This really is a great community that welcomes all skill levels, personality types and even Darteo, so jump in and make new friends.

What did you play in each event?


ARH: Dooku, Gungi and The Jedi Code

Singleton: Rey – All the Jedi and Lightsaber Ignition.

Sealed: Nute Gunray, Count Dooku (again) and Outer Rim Outlaw


ARH: (my boy) Vader, Palp and the Crucial Intel plot.

Singleton: Wedge, Beru and Owen with the Armored Reinforcement plot.

Sealed: Dooku, Outer Rim Outlaw and a Super Battle Droid. I didn’t get much from the draft and it showed in the team I ended up fielding.


ARH: Big Vader and Zam (from 2v2 Gen Con with Rando, thanks bud!)

Singleton: Ackbar, Leverage and his game breaking free X-wings.

Sealed: Hired Gun, Rey Finding the Ways and Trando Hunter.


ARH: Qi’Ra/Dryden Vos (RES) and Underworld. Its yellow villain, man! I’m not going to change now am I?

Sealed: Cienna Ree, Count Dooku & Val. 

What were some Destiny-related favorite moments?

LandoWonka: Apart from sitting across from everyone playing some IRL Destiny, if I can only choose one then it would have to be the one and only Maz’s Vault Live against Patrick. Was a fab close game that we’ll be able to share soon. 

Wonka with Wonka before downing a massive bowl of ice cream

RogueFive: Mid way through ARH Standard game 1 against Duncan, he plays a No Second Chances on my Vader using Zam as an Inquisitor for the round. We spend the next 5 minutes dancing around the damage needed to finish off Vader. Duncan has 1 die left to roll in after I have valiantly mitigated all I can and, (very lucky, I might add), gets the damage needed to finish Vader and, effectively, the game as Palp is in no position to finish off any one with his dice. Although I lost the game and was playing catchup for the rest of the day, it was a great game that hung on that 1 knife edge moment. Perfect Destiny.

Duncan: Too many to list! Ackbar v Rey was a genuine singleton matchup with Lando, and was great fun. Getting back to winning ways with all three decks was personally very nice for me as a casual player. My stream match against Darteo, who I never did like, also accounted for about 50% of my laughs, especially when Patrick’s daughter wandered in dressed as a hippie for some reason.

Echo3ofClubs: Facing Casero in the weird top 6 showdown for a ticket to the semifinals. Those 3 games were easily the most intense games I’ve played in a long long time. Outside of that, Salacious Crumb getting the final kill in 2 of my swiss games.

What were some non-Destiny favorite moments?

Echo3ofClubs: Obviously finally meeting everyone IRL, especially Majo, SuperDK & Elrathion having worked so closely with them over the years within the ARH team. Patrick’s fantastic BBQ. Fearing Mike as he’s obviously from the Sopranos. Finally rolling dice with Tank. I’d also include exploring Boston and experiencing some of the American culture. Your chocolate tastes like S***. (editor’s note: Echo purchased a Hershey bar against the advice of all 3 Americans in the car, then gave the rest to KingGrouber who promptly finished it…)

Duncan: Wow, Patrick’s Friday night bbq was immense. Pulling my first enchanted from the 4 packs of Lorcana I bought. Having that first beer at a local pub with my brother Majo. The cheer when Echo3 won at Skull was nice. I loved seeing everyone’s pulls on the 2 box game of sealed Lorcana we had. The car journeys in from the Airbnb where everyone fantasized how i would get killed in the woods were… also nice i guess.

RogueFive: Meeting everyone in person. Most of us get to play so little in person Destiny that it is a treat and a pleasure to play IRL. Especially if it is against new friends. Also the game of Fangs at the AirBnB. The last standing werewolf, (me), and the last standing vampire, (Darteo), swapping punches until Darteo healed twice with a Fangs version of Rise Again. I almost caught him but the victory went to him in the end. 2v2 Combo fighter was hilarious and very surreal. Lando’s character kept on resurfacing for the rest of the trip! Big shout out to Chris at Silver Sun for organizing the visit from the 501st Legion. That was definitely special.

Combo Fighter – complete with live action moves and character voices – was star of the weekend

LandoWonka: I think you know my answer to this. Tag Team Combo Fighter. Darwin and I vs Mateo and Mike. Our cheeks hurt from laughing after that game. (for a taste of the silliness, watch a short clip HERE)

We played a *lot* of games at the Airbnb.  What’s one game you’re glad you (re)discovered while you were here?

Duncan: Fangs at the end was good – you cant beat a good hidden role game. Any game where Elrathion didn’t win seemed to go down well! Come on, he can’t win EVERYTHING!

LandoWonka: Not at the Airbnb but the night before we took on Forbidden Island that I’d not played in 12 years. It was a great game and we played it so well and should have won but the game was determined to not let us have a victory. Honourable mention to Fangs as well – which I knew as Shadow Hunters from a while back. That was a lot of fun. 

RogueFive: Pit Boss and Skull both are games which I had never considered as they seemed too “simple” but actually, in the right setting, they can really break the ice and get people in the mood for other games. Not at the Airbnb, but back in Boston, I got to teach Casero an old favorite of mine – Keyforge.

Echo3ofClubs: I didn’t play too many games as I get overwhelmed with learning new rules. I was happy to DJ by subjecting everyone to my heavy metal and enjoy the conversations. 

If you’re wondering where Duncan is, tune in for a special Halloween edition of the Gazette next week

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