Destiny World Cup – Groups & Rosters

With Awaiting Fate release just around the corner, it’s time to share some additional details for ARH’s inaugural Destiny World Cup. The Cup kicks off in April (see HERE for a refresher) to celebrate the launch of ARH’s 8th set and provide an opportunity for players to compete for galactic glory in a unique team format.

In the spirit of spoiler season, however, the ARH team is delighted to preview one element of our prizing package for each member of the championship team: a World Cup-exclusive playmat designed by the illustrious Darth Vienneau. Stay tuned for more details on prizing as we approach the kickoff of the Cup itself!

Darth Vienneau has designed World Cup-exclusive playmats for members of the championship team

Building World Cup Teams

In announcing the Destiny World Cup back in January, we outlined some guiding principles that would shape team rosters with an eye towards spotlighting geographic centers of gravity across the Destiny community. As much as possible, we aimed to 1) field a set of teams that mirror geographic engagement; 2) prioritize single-nation teams; and 3) use regional groupings in cases where multiple teams are competing from a single nation. Below, we’ve shared some notes on how we applied these principles.

First, based on the distribution of interest, we’ve included a 4th team representing the United States in order to maintain an even number of teams overall. This felt reasonable given the relatively high proportion of interest from U.S. player community, especially since the alternative would have meant limiting participation from other regions.

Second, we’ve opted to formalize a “reserve” member of each team to both boost opportunities for community members to participate and increase the likelihood that matches will take place on schedule. That means in the rosters below, you’ll see 4 player names for each team although only 3 players will compete in any given round.

As you review, you’ll note that some rosters aren’t yet finalized. Over the next several weeks, players in a few of the more crowded regions will be competing to narrow down the pool of interested players to a final squad with 3 primary players + 1 reserve. Where necessary, we’ll run similar “qualifying events” to identify the reserve team member.

Finally, it’s worth noting that we’ve appreciated the enthusiasm for this type of “team format competition” and assuming strong engagement in this initial World Cup, we’re already looking forward to a build-your-own-team “Champions League” event later in 2024. Please keep those ideas coming!

Group Stage Assignments

Through a highly scientific process (see photo below; hat not shown), we’ve assigned each of the teams into 2 pools of 6. As you’ll see, while assignments themselves were random, we intentionally distributed assignments to minimize scenarios where multiple teams from the same region need to face each other in the group stage.

Do you feel like you have an early feel for the field? As previewed in the initial announcement, ARH will be hosting a “Predict the Winners” competition where the community will have an opportunity to win prizes by predicting the results of both group stage and top cut matches. Stay tuned for details and access to the bracket once we’ve finalized the rosters.

Group A

The first of two teams from the Great White North is comprised of players from Canada’s outer rim Prairies and Maritime Provinces, with longtime competitor Vika returning to join K_Swizzle, Darth Vienneau, and a reserve teammate to be named later.

England fields two teams for this year’s Cup, with Echobase stalwarts Landowonka and Echo3 teaming up with fellow south-of-Midlands neighbors Erik and Kolakoala to form the first team.

Poland also returns some familiar faces from early ARH top cuts, with Hipo and Night reconnecting with in-person-at-the-pub partners Aproderick and Maggot.

Scotland is coming in hot with 2023 UK Grand Champion Chimaera, On-the-Sensors wise guy Duncan, head ARH Rules Guru Echo7, and RogueFive whose case for inclusion included a compelling “I wore a kilt to my wedding” pitch!

Each group also features 2 teams from the United States. In Group A, a Northeast-based team will be forged by a qualifying showdown between Mighty Mighty Bostonians Darteo, KingGrouber, and Mrpapagiorgio, Scum & Destiny Founder Jim the Tank, and Long Islanders Strmtrpr81 & MoxlessMatt.

The other United States team in Group A, centered in the Illinois/Wisconsin area, will also require a qualifying event. Here, early ARH set designer Atomisk visits the Mid-Rim Separatists Darth Cluny, Leviathan, ThatWookieeSmells, Rando Mando, and Stubby.

Group B

Brazil’s hopes for the Cup will be carried by some familiar faces from SWDBR: Thyagumm, reigning Brazilian National Champion ClauberAlex, Marcosguijr, and ElBaiano.

Canada’s “other” team is centered in the Greater Toronto area, where 2023 United States Grand Champion Liquidsnake partners up with SpartacusN7 and Old Ben Kenobi in their quest for the Cup.

Gparfitt, Zhil, and Moordotz will look to translate their games from Gareth’s kitchen table in the Midlands into Cup glory for England, a quest that will clearly gain a boost with Gameslayer joining the cause.

“What about the St. Louis All Stars!” you ask? Never fear! QuinlanVos, Solidarity Overlord NuteShunsRey, and 2022 United States Grand Champion Norman are adopting StrongBrad from Colorado to form a power quartet repping the USA.

An impressive cast of characters from across the nation will be competing for spots on the final United States squad: Rebel Traitor, Majobasil, Fablewick, Jgh, and SwagDean cover 4 states and 1 (checks notes) “Independent District of Deanopolis” so there will be plenty of chances to play for regional pride.

Speaking of covering a lot of ground, the “World” squad does just that, with Brendan (Australia) joining a European contingent of Echobase regulars: Keco (Belgium), CptMaddock (Belgium), BastMaster (Germany), and Djclero (Italy).


Who will earn their spot at the Destiny World Cup medal ceremony?!? Stay tuned in a few weeks when we’re back with final rosters, calendar, prizes, and access to the “predict the winners” bracket!


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