Galactic Open at UK Games Expo – June 3rd & 4th

Hello Star Wars Destiny Folks, and particularly those of you in the UK.

Germany has Essen Spiel and America has Gencon. Well, the closest we get to those giant events here in the UK is the UK Games Expo that takes place from Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th June at the NEC in Birmingham. The Expo brings together Boardgamers, wargamers, roleplay gamers, cosplayers and most importantly collectible card gamers. Last year saw the Expo run but due to Covid no game events were permitted. Thankfully for us this year is very different with the event space being opened up again to those wanting to run organised events for their favourite games. 

The UK Games Expo has a vibrant history of hosting Star Wars Destiny Events with both European Championships and National Championships taking place way back when Fantasy Flight Games had the helm. It was always THE Destiny event of the calendar year to be at. And while the player numbers won’t reach the height of those events, we will make more Destiny history this year at the Expo with two destiny event firsts for the Expo.

I originally approached A Renewed Hope (ARH) to run a Renewed Prime at the Expo sporting the fabulous Prime pack with Baze and Chirrut featuring, but the committee had bigger and better ideas for this. They sanctioned the first In Person Galactic Open with an amazing array of spot glosses available on the prize wall. I’m honoured to be handed the helm and able to bring this to the Expo and the ARH players of the UK (and any that would like to travel a bit further too). However, that’s not all that ARH wanted to do at the Expo and what’s better than a Galactic Open. TWO Galactic Opens, back to back of five rounds each. I love this idea. More opportunity to attack the prize wall that we’ll have. Play two completely different decks. We don’t get to play in person as often as we’d like and having two Galactic Opens feels like we are taking full advantage of the time and space we have at the event. With no top cut needed for a Galactic Open, it means everyone gets to play as many games as they want to on the day. This will be scheduled for the Saturday of the Expo. It’s generally the busiest day of the expo itself so having a scheduled event and space to play in will save you from having to duck and dodge between the crowds to get to what you want to see. Before I get to all the individual details of the event there is more happening at the Expo.

Galactic Open Double HeaderSaturday 4th June

THE MAIN EVENT. Hoth Galactic Open Double Header.

Format – ARH Standard. 5 round Swiss events x 2.

Where – Hall 3. Tournament Area D.

Ticket & Entry Fee – £10 to be bought from this Games Expo event page. Again don’t forget to buy your actual EXPO entry ticket.

Decks and Dice – I (LandoWonka) may be able to assist with A Renewed Hope dice and cards if you want to play but don’t have your own sets of A Renewed Hope or the dice. The cards you can simply print off from the website and put them in front of another card in a sleeve. I appreciate the dice element is much trickier to replicate but I’m happy to help where I can if need be.

Prizing – Exclusive – Game EXPO Champion 2022 Playmat – ARH spot glosses, echobase and PSA alt arts with Exclusive Playmats for the winners. 2 tickets for joining the event, two tickets for each game you play and two tickets for each win you get. Go 5-0 for two bonus tickets. Trade in for prize cards at the Prize Wall.

Prize Wall Exchange Rates

2 Tickets for an echobase Alt Art card.

4 Tickets for a Parker Simpson Artwork Alt Art card.

6 Tickets for an ARH Spot Gloss Battlefield

8 Tickets for an ARH Spot Gloss Plot

12 Tickets for an ARH Spot Gloss Character

A taste of the ARH Spot Gloss prizes that will be available at the UK Games Expo

Having Destiny back on the menu at a large UK Convention is obviously awesome and that is matched by the Winners Prizes and the Prize Wall. Just to entice you to join us at the EXPO this is what awaits the winners of our events. We have 1 each of the exclusive playmat designs shown below. If you want 1st choice then you’ll need to win the Destiny SMASH event. The two left over will be one each for the Galactic Open Winners. 

So now all that’s left for you to do is get your UK EXPO Tickets here and then use the links above to sign up for the Event or Events you’d like to join. There will be A Renewed Hope Destiny Demo games available if you’d simply like to come and give it a try. Either way we’d love to see you there.

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