Organised Play Update

It is almost time for the release of our third set, High Stakes, and the action kicks off with our usual fun, free release party event. This will be on Saturday June 12 and be a one day event. See link below to sign up.

Every attendee gets both promos and we will reveal the other promo before the event.

As the world starts to return to a level of normality some of our focus turns to promoting and supporting in person play and, to that end our second Game Night Kit is now available!

You can order yours here if you are outside of North America:

or here if you are in North America:

The future of Star Wars: Destiny relies on people playing in person and online and so, from High Stakes onwards we will be doing a release event kit for local TOs to order for their communities. This will contain both cards from the release party as well as a third exclusive card and is designed to let people run their own events in whatever way they see fit.

The Future

As for the future High Stakes will have its own mid cycle event and we will be doing the Tatooine Galactic Open in late summer. The dates for these will be finalised in the next couple of weeks and both will have new spot glosses that can be earned and collected. It is very gratifying to see that the cards from the Canto Bight Open are being received now and the rest are on their way. I must apologise to everyone for the delay in these getting to people due to the production issues but I do feel the end result is something wonderful and worth the small wait.

There will be chances to win more of these at limited, high-level in person events as well as we move towards National and Regional type championships in the latter part of the year. When we have more to announce on that we will do so to give everyone as much time as possible to plan their attendance. This also applies to Worlds, which we still hope will be in person at LVO 2022. As soon as we can update this, you will know via the usual channels!

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