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Mos Eisley Gazette: International Men of Destiny

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to play a game of Destiny? If your answer is “fly across the Atlantic and camp out in a remote house in rural Hudson Valley” you’re in good company with UK Destiny-eers Echo3ofClubs, LandoWonka, RogueFive, and Duncan.

As the first chapter of our Silver Sun Prime Weekend coverage, we’re sitting down with the globetrotters to hear about their experience in ‘merica.

Mos Eisley Gazette: All Hail DJ the Hutt! (Resurgence Release)

How many shields can Yaddle generate in a day? Will Allya lead a witch resurgence? Are Dooku and Asajj really neutral? Why is Cassian afraid of Linus Mosk? And is it possible we’ve been underestimating Bib Fortuna all along?!?

Two weeks ago, players from around the globe gathered to answer these questions and to celebrate the release of Resurgence in a day-long tournament. Today, we catch up with Djclero who took down the coveted title.