Awaiting Fate – Balancing the Force

The ARH team has been thrilled to see how much fun you’re all having with Awaiting Fate and we hope to see you at the Release Party event this Saturday. (April 27, 9am ET/2pm UK, register HERE)

As always, we’re using the days leading up to the Release party as a “beta” period to finalize cards before making them available for print-and-play (currently targeted for May 4th). Soon, you’ll notice corrected cards in the database (i.e. HK-87s are grey not yellow, The Force is neutral not hero, etc.) based on your feedback. Thank you in advance for continuing to flag these in Discord!

Although we may make some additional updates after Saturday’s event, we’re also ready to share some more substantive updates, which we’ve outlined below. You’ll see these live in the database soon and in an updated Holocron after this weekend’s event.

Force Choke now costs 3 instead of 2.  

Our designers and playtesters had lots of discussions re: the power level and ultimately see it as a “ 2.5 cost.” After exploring it even further over the past week, we’ve decided to round the cost up to 3 where we believe it will still be strong in many archetypes.

Awaiting Fate now reads: “After the upkeep phase begins, place 1 resource on this card. Action – Set this plot aside and remove up to 3 resources from this plot to turn that many dice to sides showing a blank. Then gain 1 action.”

By placing the resource at the end of a round instead of the beginning, we have slightly delayed the maximum payoff, which should result in better balance for what is still a very strong 1 cost plot.

Carson Teva now reads: “Piloting. After one of your pilot dice is removed, you may place 1 damage on a support or give a character 1 shield. Special – Move 2 damage from a support to a character or vice versa.”

Carson was designed to boost “place damage on a support” interactions and we’re excited to see him do just that, but with lots of reps over the past week, we’ve realized that the breadth and versatility of his passive ability made him too strong. Limiting the passive to pilot dice (instead of pilot dice and vehicle dice) gives the opponent more options while still preserving Carson’s core concept.

Jawa Reclaim now reads: “Discard a support you control from play to play a support from your hand, decreasing its cost by the cost of the discarded card.” 

As much as it makes us all chuckle to see a band of Jawas repurposing Emperor into Chimaera, limiting this interaction to support cards preserves both design intent and theme. 

Echoes of Destiny changes:

– Remove Undermine

– Remove Drop Zone

– Remove Watch Your Career with Great Interest

– Remove Darth Vader (RDM)

Benthic 13/16

Echoes of Destiny changes are always tricky to fine-tune when playtesting a brand new set of cards that are themselves still in flux. Now that the dust has settled, we’re realizing that a few inclusions (Undermine, Drop Zone, and Watch Your Career) push an archetype one step too far. Redemption Vader leaves the list along with Watch Your Career and although we’re excited to continue providing Partisans and Pilots with access to Benthic as a partner, after just a few days of seeing him at 12/15, we’re realizing that the 13/16 he’s lived at for the past couple of years remains the right spot.

Tusken Camp – Ban

Even after several attempts to turn down its power, Tusken Camp remains one of the strongest 3 drops in the game and is nearly an auto-include in every yellow deck, especially now that Headstrong has rotated. We’ve considered restrictions and additional errata but ultimately feel comfortable packing up the camp after a looong time in the (twin) suns.

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