Organised Play Update: More GO Prizes

It seems like our Organised Play articles are becoming a weekly thing at the moment so let us continue that for a while.

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We are just about a week away from the first Galactic Open and so I wanted to share some good news with you all about the promos we are making available at this event.

If we get 25 or more participating in the first event of the weekend at 1100 GMT 20th March then all players playing in that event will receive one of the Admiral Ackbar promos below. This is 0700 EST for those of you in North America (because Daylight Saving gets you an extra hour in bed)

Likewise, for the second event if we get 25 or more players everyone will get a Kylo Ren

Lastly, those of you playing in the Sunday event, so long as there are 25 or more of you, will get everyone’s favourite honest businessman, Hondo, just for playing.

If you sign up for all three events then you will receive all three of these amazing cards.

You don’t have to play all six rounds in the event in order to receive the participation card but not playing rounds means you won’t accrue any additional tickets in order to win something like this amazing Leia Organa or Extremist Campaign.

We know these are never going to exactly replicate the feeling of a weekend away at Gen Con or any other gaming event, but we do want everyone to feel that they got something cool while having fun playing a lot of games of Destiny. Even if you can’t get away from real life for the whole weekend and roll virtual dice with us, hopefully you can find a few hours at one of our three timeslots over the weekend of Canto Bight Open and shape the meta in your own image.

We do still have a few more promos to reveal on the day, in addition to the ones we have shown you so far. That’s because I always liked the delight of putting the spot glosses out on the prize wall and seeing the wonder, oohs and aahs of the players as they were looking at them covetously.

The Holocron update that we released this week should be just enough of a meta shake-up to make things interesting and fun but not invalidate all the games and the testing so far. We do hope you are enjoying the set and getting into as those players who have ordered physical sets have started to get them and we all know actually having cards and rolling dice feels better.

To that end we have made some updates to our Game Night Kits. They are now available from a North American supplier and we are working on different language versions. It is our intent to have these available at the time of release for the second of our kits too, where possible.

Click here to order your kit:

That’s all for this week – our next OP update will be in a couple of weeks and will review the Canto Bight Open and talk about the Redemption Mid Cycle Event

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