New Holocron Effective July 18, 2022

SWD ARH Holocron

We are excited to bring the community an updated Holocron for the ARH Standard format effective July 18th, 2022. This particular version of the Holocron is quite unique – it’s the first that does not include one of the following: errata, balance of the force, restricted pairs or bans. Instead, this latest Holocron only includes additions to the Echoes of Destiny reprint list.

Click HERE to download the Holocron.

State of the Meta

The meta is currently the most diverse it’s ever been. Yet there is one particular color that remains under-represented — blue. As you review the new Holocron, you will see a theme as we sought to provide both blue hero and blue villain with some useful tools.

Furthermore, we included some red/yellow “tech” cards to serve as silver bullets against one of the stronger archetypes in the meta currently – supports.

Reylo / Temporary Truce

We appreciate that Reylo / Temporary Truce is a deck that many Destiny players have tinkered with at one point or another. As we look to expand the community and attract both new and former players, we believe reprinting Reylo will create a bridge from the FFG days to that of ARH. This is a deck that reduces barrier to entry but also takes time to master, and deck-building with both FFG and ARH cards alike will create a fun challenge for many.

Not to mention, with events like these right around the corner, reprinting Reylo gives interested fans a reason to show up and adapt one of their classic FFG-era decks for an ARH Standard event!

Echoes of Destiny updates include





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