February Balance Update

Hello Star Wars Destiny players,

I hope you are all enjoying the game and the meta. Overall, we feel that the meta is fresh and exciting, but we have noticed that a few cards keep being overrepresented in the competitive landscape. As a result, we are reintroducing the restricted list to help keep the game fresh and diverse.

For those who may not be familiar with the restricted list – When constructing a deck, a player may select only one card from the restricted list, but as many copies of that restricted card as the rules (or card text) allow. This helps to ensure that these overrepresented cards have a reduced impact, helping different strategies and factions to remain viable.

The following cards are now on the restricted list:

  • Jar’Kai
  • Jedi Temple Guards
  • Tusken Camp
  • Headstrong

In addition, we have some updates to the Echoes of Destiny list. The following cards have been removed:

  • Pacify
  • Commando Raid
  • Jedi Lightsaber

The following card has been added as a tribute to one of our founders, Chris Knepper aka Agent of Zion, who unexpectedly passed away on January 28th, 2023:

  • Dryden Vos

Dryden is also being reduced in points from his printed 16/20 to 13/16.

We hope that these changes will help to create a more diverse and exciting meta for all players. As always, we will continue to monitor the game and make adjustments as necessary. An updated Holocron will follow soon. Database updates will be live in 1-2 weeks.

These changes are considered legal for online play upon release, and legal for in-person play 14 days after the release of this document. 

Thanks for your continued support and happy gaming!



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