Charm Offensive

Hello fellow ARH SW:Destiny players,

Echo3 here, designer on the upcoming expansion, Seeking Answers. Today we’ll be taking a look at an overview on what to expect from Seeking Answers and explore the mechanics of a brand-new keyword coming up for Star Wars: Destiny.

The Future

With the release of Seeking Answers, we are celebrating our 6th ARH release, and the 5th full expansion. Seeking Answers will be a 115-card expansion, and will be the last set before all of FFG’s sets will be fully rotated out for standard play. As we approached this big milestone, we had to pause and think about how to keep growing the design space.

We could keep this game going in the same horizontal direction and keep designing new characters, new events, new upgrades; or we could expand the game vertically by introducing new mechanics and keep the SW:Destiny experience fresh and exciting for players around the world. With this new ARH release, we hope to capture your imagination with the inclusion of just how charming certain characters across the galaxy can be…

New additions to expect from Seeking Answers:

  • A new Keyword, Charm (More on that below)
  • New subtypes, for characters and supports
  • A new die symbol
  • A new token

Today’s article is not about the new die icon… we’ll save that for a later date. Today we are here to discuss the new gameplay mechanic and keyword, Charm.

Max Rebo and an unidentified Bith entertaining the customers of The Sanctuary

Hello. What have we here?

Charm is an after activation effect that allows you to place a ‘charm token’ on any character in play; that could be your own character or an opponent’s character. Once a character has been ‘charmed’, a world of possibility opens up through new abilities that interact with these new tokens. Charm is not limited to characters, and you will see this keyword also appear on supports throughout Seeking Answers.

We strongly believe that, with the introduction of any new mechanic, it should be progressively introduced. With that in mind, expect to see this mechanic feature on a relatively small portion of cards throughout the set. 

Respected Proprietor

Now, you have run up quite a bar tab, Santo. So, what say you release this customer and let these fine folks get back to their fun and, in return, I will wipe your debt off the books?” – Garsa Fwip.

One of the newest additions to the Star Wars Universe comes from the ever charming, and also disarming, Garsa Fwip. Introduced in season 1 of The Book of Boba Fett, Garsa was the proprietor of The Sanctuary, a cantina within Mos Espa, Tatooine. Garsa Fwip can talk an aggressor down, or she can help you focus your own team.

This first look at the charm mechanic is a straightforward, and hopefully self-explanatory, illustration of how charm works. Activating Garsa will leave you with a choice: do you charm the opponent’s character to later use her Power Action to soft mitigate the opponent, or perhaps you charm your own character to use the Power Action to turn one of your own character dice to any side? A Yellow Neutral character with a solid die, and just 9 points non-elite, she may find her way into a plethora of character compositions.

Charming to the Last

While the ability to charm your foes and your allies is important, it is also vital to stop any advancement that an opponent may take.

With Charm Offensive, a simple one-for-one removal card, getting this card online will require tempo. However, one thing you may note with this card and with Garsa, is that they can be used by removing any charm token in play. You do not have to remove a charm token that you have placed, as charm tokens are deemed to be usable by all players. For this reason, we expect charm mirror matches to result in the most cerebral of battles in Destiny, with players vying to use their charm abilities to maximum effect, regardless of which player placed the tokens.

Cantina Band

Musicians are a key part of Star Wars culture. The infamous Modal Node’s lead Kloo hornist – Figrin D’an, enters SW:Destiny with the new charm keyword and introduces a new subtype that appears across characters and supports, Musician.

With Figrin D’an, we release our first ever Grey neutral character, who charms his opponents with his intergalactic melodies. As a cheap elite character, his dice serve in a utility support role, but where this famous Bith really shines is with his potent Power Action. Removing two charm tokens from a character allows for the resolution of that character’s character die without it leaving the pool. As this Power Action requires the removal of 2 charm tokens, he can’t trigger his Power Action each round unless you have another character or support in play with the charm keyword. All great musicians work in harmony with one another, so you may just want to get Figrin D’an’s band, The Modal Nodes (SA 111), in play in round 1, to make the most of this Bith for hire’s value.  

May the 4th…

In closing, be sure to look out for further spoilers across discord and social media from various content creators over the coming weeks in the build up to the release of Seeking Answers, coming May the 4th, 2022.

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