ARH Two Player Game Update

ARH Two Player Game Update

Lando Calrissian is prepared for the fight of his life as Nien Nunb pilots his prized Millennium Falcon closer to the second Death Star…

Meanwhile, an Imperial Navy Squad Leader heads a squadron of TIE Fighters to intercept as the dark lord Palpatine finalizes his plan to rule the galaxy…

Galactic Struggle

Who will prevail? Find out in January 2022 with the release of GALACTIC STRUGGLE, the 2-player starter set from A Renewed Hope!

Originally planned for December 2021, a variety of reasons prompted us to push the launch to January 2022.

  • We want to provide the highest quality product and experience that our fans have come to expect.
  • We believe this 2-player set should be an engaging and fun experience on its own, but to ensure the new cards fit nicely into the broader ARH Standard format, additional play testing was required.
  • Priorities shifted to develop and launch the ARH Database in time for our 4th set, Unlikely Heroes, and this meant resources were spread thin.

Key Features

We believe GALACTIC STRUGGLE will be the perfect experience to engage new players, remind old players what they’re missing, and ultimately help us grow the community!

Key Features of the 2-player set:

  • 36 brand new cards, including 4 characters and 2 battlefields
    • Full 30 card Hero deck
    • Full 30 card Villain deck
  • Common keywords used and explained with reminder text
  • Packed with character abilities, upgrades and supports
  • Classic Hero vs. Villain asymmetric battle
  • Honed-in theme focusing on the attack of the Death Star II!
Tiny Grievous

As always, thank you for your continued support of ARH!

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