St. Louis Regional Recap

In Person Play Is Back!

On January 22, 2022, St. Louis (STL) local Norman hosted the ARH standard “I Will Make It Legal” Regional. The event saw 24 players from across the US meet up to battle it out in 5 rounds of swiss with a cut to top 8.

Players meeting up in the hotel lobby to pre-game.
Norman making an announcement about basic tournament rules and expectations.

A Word From Norman

We reached out to Norman and he had the following to say about the event:

“Having the first ARH Regional in St. Louis was an awesome experience for everyone. The insanity of the past two years has made us all fatigued, but events like this remind us that life isn’t over, and there’s so much we can look forward to. I’m excited for what the future holds for ARH and all my friends therein. I hope this inspires others to continue building their local communities and participate in this worldwide project of creating a great game!”

The Players

Many thanks to all 24 players either local to STL or those who traveled from out of town to attend the event.

BeaconfireMichael Wagner
VontzTrey Quinlan
NormanMikey Wagner
Levi WeldenJeffJeff
PolyflyMidrim Gun Runner
JoshLandon Quinlan

Click HERE to view swiss round results in TTT.

Special shoutout to awesome Destiny dads JeffJeff, LegalCounsel and ThatWookieSmell for bringing their sons!

The Space

Miniature Market in STL graciously agreed to host the event. Many thanks to them and their very accommodating staff.

Get your game on!
Adjacent to the sales area where you can find any boardgame on the market, the gaming hall was the main attraction.

The Tournament

Enjoy these action shots from the tournament!

Though in-person, the event leveraged the feature-rich TTT website for swiss round management.
The one and only Lanza.
royalsabk vs. NickTheBug
Mid Rim Gun Runner vs. Oeklampadius
Beaconfire was rocking some neat accessories to hold damage and shield tokens.
JeffJeff (and son ElliottBen in the background cheering him on) vs. polyfly
majobasil vs. Beaconfire
Elrathion vs. NickTheBug
Vontz vs. TurkeyClubSamich
Norman carefully reading his opponent’s decklist before a topcut match.
Background – LegalCounsel vs. Mid Rim Gun Runner; Foreground – LegalCounsel Jr. vs. Nute shuns rey

Match Streaming and Recording

The one and only polyfly was on site participating in the event but also running a rig he constructed just for streaming/recording matches. Wifi strength wasn’t sufficient to broadcast at Miniature Market but many matches were still recorded and will be posted soon.

Up-and-comer Levi (son of ThatWookieSmell) vs. MalaciousMawloc in topcut.
Matches from the “feature table” will be posted throughout the week.

The Final!

Beaconfire ensuring no shenanigans take place in the FINAL – Elrathion vs. Vontz

Miniature Market closed at 8pm CST, so we packed up and the FINAL was played at a nearby hotel. Wifi was strong enough to stream. Catch the majority of the match HERE.

Prize Support

Lanza ran his famous wheel and tons of prizes were raffled off.
3D printed trophies for top 4 created by polyfly.

What’s Next?

Adepticon is a go for late March 2022!

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