Organized Play Announcement

What a week and a half! The community support and the increase in player engagement since the release of Faltering Allegiances has been phenomenal.

If you look at any CCG/TCG/LCG at a high level, there are three legs from an organizational standpoint that are required to form a tripod for game health. It is now time for us to add the Organized Play “leg” to the Card design and Balance legs, which was not possible to do in advance.

This needed to wait until our first set release. It is a lot of work to set up and implement, and the needs of an Organized Play effort are entirely dictated by the interest level of the players. To be blunt: if Faltering Allegiances was seen as a dud and not worth the player’s time, then there would be no point to having Organized Play.

Every indication we have, as evidenced by launch week event attendance, Facebook excitement, discord activity, direct messages of thanks and support to the entire team at ARH, and a resurgence in kitchen table play, tell us the time is right to dedicate the effort an Organized Play structure demands.

Forming a Plan

To that end, the administration has enlisted the help of two specific individuals who have hammered out a year-long plan to re-establish the social and competitive network of Destiny play opportunities. Their goals, now our goals, are lofty and ambitious. They are also achievable.

Specifically, we have AZ (DarkAngelAz in the discord), Wyatt (KyloSpren in the discord) heading up this effort. Hailing from the UK and the US respectively, we sought out these two individuals for their dual perspectives in administering various levels of Organized play from the local weekly event, up to and including events at the National championship level. Equally as important, they have the patience and willingness to listen and learn from those around them that will be necessary for them to fulfill our goals. They have a good understanding of the work required, an excellent rapport with each other and the admin team, and they are fully committed.

We Need Your Help

Speaking directly to the groups and people who have been doing the often-thankless work of organizing events and opportunities for people to play Destiny in any format: Thank you. Without you, this game would have withered to nothing shortly after its cancellation. You bought us time to get up to speed, and we have zero intention of replacing you in any form. On the contrary, we would like to add tools to your toolbox moving forward, and give you reasons to continue supporting the game as you have been for months and years.

Of immediate importance though, is AZ and Wyatt’s need for feedback on our outline and vision for Destiny Organized Play. To that end, if you have ever been a community leader for Destiny, or organized events of any size in any location, we invite you to fill out this form.

Later this week, we will provide more details about our outline for the future of ARH Organized Play. Stay tuned to hear more from AZ and Wyatt on this topic, but for now, we want to hear from you! We can do all the planning and structuring in the world, but at the end of the day, those of you reading this, the local playgroup leaders, are the lifeblood of the Destiny community.

Until then, we hope you’re enjoying Faltering Allegiances!

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