Now Accepting Set Designer Applications

Hello everyone and welcome to the new website for the SWD Renewed Hope! This site will be dedicated to all things related to the organization, communication, and execution of the initiative to continue this great game we all know and love post official FFG support.

We are nearly ready to begin the actual work to bring our design team’s vision to life. We currently estimate that work will begin in earnest by the week of February 3rd. In between today and when we begin designing cards, there is something you can do to help.

The link in this article is an application to join the design team, for which we do have a limited number of spots to fill. The application is not for the faint of heart, and we aren’t rushing any decisions so there is no need to rush the application.

You will also find a link you can use to submit individual card ideas you would like to contribute to our efforts. Submitting your idea through this form does not guarantee it will ever be used in a set release. Submissions here are anonymous (we purposefully set it so that we can’t tell who submitted a card even if we wanted to), and the design team can use any or all aspects of a submitted design at their discretion.

Note that just because plans for our first set will begin next week, the design team application will always remain open. We plan on rotating the design team over time, so just because you aren’t on the team for the first set doesn’t mean you won’t be able to contribute at a later date!

And of course, be sure to join our official Discord to keep up to date on everything going on in SWDH.

Designer Application:

Card Idea Submission:

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