Introducing the A Renewed Hope Monthly League

As many of you know from the announcement on our September 19, 2021 Live Stream, the Artificery League is being brought in under the A Renewed Hope umbrella, and on October 1, 2021, the first ever A Renewed Hope Monthly League will begin.

For those unfamiliar with the format of the league, every month a new league will launch with a monthly ladder. Throughout the month, players will schedule games against each other and play those games on their own time before reporting the results of the matches via an online submission form. At the end of the month, the players with the best score will be placed into a top cut to be played the following month.

Sound good? If you’re already ready to sign up or otherwise familiar with the way the league works, you can register for the inaugural league here. Of course, if you want to know more…

These are your first steps into a larger world.

If you’re looking for competitive play, the monthly league is a great place to get it. The monthly league is priced at a 10 dollar registration fee, but 100 percent of that will go into prizing to be paid out to players who make the top cut. Additionally, the goal is typically for players to get at least 8 games in over the course of a month, so in terms of game-time-to-price ratio, you’re definitely getting a good value there too!

Still, though many of the world’s top players participate in these monthly leagues, the format has been refined over the years it has been active to include special rules to keep your scheduled games fun, consistently available, and varied in play experience. For example, players receive bonus points at the end of the month when they don’t repeat any characters in their eight games. Players also receive bonus points for playing at least one game a week (as opposed to clumping them up all at the beginning of end of the month), which helps makes games easier to find for people on different schedules. Finally, even beyond the first 8 games, players can receive bonus tie breaker points if they keep playing additional opponents that could help them edge their way into the top cut prize pool!

For a full list of rules, see the registration page.

The A Renewed Hope Monthly League is administered by TheGandork, a member of the A Renewed Hope team and long-viewed as the source of Destiny rules interpretation. TheGandork brings with him not only a wealth of knowledge of the game, but extensive experience as a judge and tournament organizer.

The Monthly League is also run through our Discord, so if you haven’t joined us yet, there’s no better time than now; we can’t wait for you to get involved and play some games with us. Make sure to register for the October League today!

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