Balance Update May 25th, 2022

Hi everyone! 

We hope you all have been enjoying our latest set release, Seeking Answers. We loved the strong turnout for the release event and are looking forward to an amazing season of online and in-store play. 

Some of the events we are looking forward to include:

The UK Games Expo: Galatic Open and Smash Events – June 3-5

East Coast Renewed Prime – July 23rd. Register here:

Gencon: Worlds 2022 – Awaiting application

Brasil Renewed Prime 2022 – Info coming soon

Online Galactic Opens – Info coming soon

We are thrilled to see the excitement everyone has with the latest release, and to keep this momentum going we want to make sure we act on player feedback. While overall the set has been really well received, we also faced some restrictions in this release due to limited resources in playtesting. This meant that some cards did not face the rigorous review they deserved and we felt it was important we took action on those, rather than wait too long and cause frustration to the player base. If you’re interested in being part of our playtesting team, please reach out, we could use your support! 

As we gear up for Worlds 2022, it’s especially important that the game feels balanced and fair. Below is an overview of the balance updates we are introducing:


Rey (SA45B):  Now reads: After you activate this character, roll a set-aside Luke Skywalker (AWK35) die into your pool. If this character is elite, roll a set-aside Leia Organa (RED39) die into your pool. Power action: Remove one of this character’s character dice to heal damage from this character equal to the value showing on that die.

Greed Can Be A Powerful Ally (SA52): Now reads: After an opponent gains 1 or more resources during the action phase, place resources on this support equal to the amount of resources that opponent gained. Remove 5 resources from this support and spend 4 resources to ready a Blue character. Set this card aside.

Jedi Temple Guards (SA53): Now reads: After you play this support, spot a Jedi or apprentice character to make this support elite. Power Action – Reroll a die (yours or an opponent’s).

Tusken Camp (SA99): Now reads: Play only if you spot a Yellow character. After you activate this support, roll 2 set-aside Tusken Raider dice into your pool. Then you may remove those dice to gain 1 resource. 

No Room For Failure (SA10): Now reads:  Your character dice cannot be rerolled. Action – Resolve one of your character dice showing damage, increasing its value by 1.

Balance of the Force

Admiral Ackbar (RM49): Removed from BOTF

Maul (RM3B): -1/-1

Zeb Orrelios (UH75): -1/-1

Cad Bane (HS25): -1/-1

General Grievous (UH17): -0/-1

Beru Lars (SA44): +1

Restricted list

– Cassian Andor (FA40) + Republic Senator (UH62)


United/We Stand (TR9)


Rey: Rey certainly created a whirlwind of comments and excitement. As soon as she was spoiled, we received a flood of feedback with players being either excited or terrified of her, sometimes both. 

She is definitely the strongest big character released to date, and after reviewing the game data, had too much of a meta-warping impact on the game. To compete against her, most players felt forced to slot in roll in the mud as well as block. While she is definitely beatable by mill decks and decks that have strong control ability, her ability to both dish out aggro as well as stay alive caused frustration for some of the player base. 

We feel that giving her the Mandalorian treatment with her errata and presenting the player with a choice between healing and dealing with damage is ultimately a better approach to her balance and will make her feel easier to deal with. 

Greed Can Be A Powerful Ally: Because Greed costs 0, there is no opportunity cost for players to drop the card down, and given the manageable reset cost, the card did too much for too little investment. Making a player pay 4 to achieve their reset is a bigger cost and makes the card more interesting overall to consider inclusion in your deck.

Jedi Temple Guards: There’s no denying that the power level of Jedi Temple Guards is above curve. Overall we felt that the card not having a spot requirement meant that it was too easy to include in any deck, and we’ve addressed this with the errata.

Tusken Camp: Getting 3 decent dice for 3 resources paired with an ability to gain a resource back every round is incredibly strong. We felt it necessary to pull the card back a bit so that you have to make some more tactical decisions if you want the resource advantage. 

No Room for Failure: The downside the card brought was not enough to prevent skillful deck builders from finding ways to extract significant above curve value from this card, expanding its utility to cards like Ren and Tusken Camp. We decided to errata the card to make it work on damage dice only, making the plot more manageable to play into. 

Negative BOTF: The cards on the list should not surprise players too much. These cards have been underplayed and we have given them some love to give them more time in the sun. Ackbar might strike some as the more surprising removal from the balance list, but with United gone and an overall increase in power level since Redemption, it was time to set him free and allow him to compete with the other bigs out there. 

Beru: Beru at 7 points having 8 hp and a guaranteed resource was just too much value in rainbow decks.

Restricted List

Cassian and Senator together proved to be too much of a powerful combination and making people choose a less powerful leader if they want to still play the reset deck felt like the correct approach.

Ban: United: United/We Stand had its time in the sun. While always a polarizing card, it was successful at achieving its primary mission: making mono decks more attractive. Over time the card however started to be more superfluous in achieving that mission as mono naturally started to become more attractive, and started crowding out other 1 cost plots as United was always the answer for every deck above every other plot if you played mono. She had her time in the sun, and now it’s time for her to give other plots a time to shine. Farewell! 

Thank you and happy rolling!


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