Awaiting Fate Holocron Update

Greetings Destiny community. We are very excited to share to what’s coming in the ARH Standard Holocron to launch alongside ARH’s 8th set, Awaiting Fate. As a reminder, review the launch and release party details HERE. The new Holocron will include both additions and subtractions to the Echoes of Destiny (EoD) reprint list as well as numerous Balance of the Force updates.

We also recognize that ARH’s 2nd set, Redemption, which will be rotating out as Awaiting Fate rotates in, was a very pivotal set. It introduced new mechanics, archetypes, tribes, multi-die removal, and much more. With this in mind, we wanted to start experimenting with ARH cards being included in Echoes of Destiny for the first time ever.

An official Holocron PDF will be released alongside Awaiting Fate. Fow now, read on below to see what will be included. These changes will be effective Friday, April 19th, 2024.

FFG Subtractions

The following 35 cards will be removed from EoD. Important to note here is that these subtractions are a combination of letting new ideas breathe and trimming some fat.

Poe Dameron – More Than A PilotKylo Ren – Tormented OneGuavian Enforcer
Endless RanksRey – Finding The WaysHired Gun
Take PrisonerLightsaber PullTwin Shadows
First AidLightsaber ThrowLocal Patrol
Separatist Landing CraftEnergy BowHunker Down
F-11D RifleHandcrafted Light BowJetpack
OverkillForce Wave“Fair” Trade
PromotionDarth Vader’s LightsaberForced Labor
MotivateForce StrikeAs One
Commander Pyre – Harsh NegotiatorSteadfastSabine Wren – Artistic and Resourceful
Commander Pyre’s BlasterTrap the BladeFight Dirty
Fluid Riposte
Ancient Magicks

FFG Additions

The following 35 cards will be added to EoD. Each faction is getting support that we feel synergizes well with both the current block of standard legal cards as well as the new set, Awaiting Fate. These additions support our EoD strategy to further enhance faction identity while creating space for exploring new themes.

CounterintelligenceChancelor’s EdictConvergenceGrievance Striker
Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker DroidFinishing StrikeBounty Hunter’s GuildLaser Cannon
MastermindTwin StrikeChewbacca’s Blaster RifleWretched Hive
Cultural RecordsInsidiousCustom BandolierLR-57 Combat Droid
Drop ZoneUndermineDeadly
HamperedBardottan SpherePunishing One
RearmSith TeachingsDX-2 Disruptor Blaster Pistol
OutgunDiatium Power CellShakedown
Stap DroidNexus of PowerZ-6 Jetpack
Tie BomberConveyex Robbery
Air SuperiorityFree-For-All

ARH Adds

The following 41 cards will be added to EoD. We are super excited to bring back some classic ARH tribal cards as well as ones which fit well with Awaiting Fate.

** These characters are being reprinted with a Balance of the Force (points reduction in this case).

Genral Veers (13/16)Darth Zannah (8)Pirate Loyalist (7)Fury
Snowtrooper (7)Second Sister (9/12)**Skreek (7/10)Mandalorian Executioner Vibro-Ax
501st Assault teamDarth Vader Unrelenting Apprentice (12/16)Bounty AvertedCyber Centre
Relentless Advance (4)The Inquisitorius (1)Pirate Crew Member
Ackbar (21/28)Why Take the ChanceBenthic (12/15)**
Dak Raltar (11/14)Nightsister AssassinsOutrider
RedemptionThe HauntedRallying Cry
Rogue TwoWYCWGI (3)Incendiary Stockpile
Veteran of WarLeia Organa (12/15)Dr. Aphra (10/13)
Small Battles WonCal Kestis’ LightsaberHondo Ohnaka (17/21)
Power of the TribeBD-1The Ultimate Heist (2)
Apt LessonBlack Market Arm
Quilloned LightsaberFaltering Allegiances
Lightsaber Tonfa

Balance of the Force

The following characters are receiving a Balance of the Force.

Iden -1/-1 (13/16)Darth Momin -1/-1 (11/13)The Armorer 0/-1 (9/11)
Reva 0/-1 (13/15)Embo -1/-1 (11/14)


There you have it, friends. Let the creative juices start flowing. We hope you are excited to try all of the new deck building possibilities. Now get signed up for the Awaiting Fate Release Party on April 27th!

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